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HighDef Records is an indie record label based in Chicago. We bring a fresh new approach to the record label | artist relationship. We've been where you are, and we know what you need. We provide our artists with all the tools they need to further their career.

BENNETT ROAD STUDIOS: With our in house world class Recording Studio, and staff of Grammy Winning producers and engineers, we know that the recording will be done right, and on time. This enables us to get your product out much faster.

TOUR SUPPORT: We don't like to see our artists starve on the road in a broken down van on the side of the road wondering why last nights gig only paid them $13.79 and they're eating soup out of a can. We offer more than just tour support, we offer all of our artists music business education.

RADIO: What good is a record release and tour without radio airplay? We help you get the radio airplay you need as well as interviews and press that coincides with your touring schedule.

HighDef Records is an indie label focusing on the artists career, not the board members of some corporate umbrella. We stand behind our artists.

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